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Bratislava Premium EA

⋅ First Forex robot with spectral analysis of currency markets.

⋅ Gives advanced and revolutionary visualization of price movements, revealing a new world of technical analysis and trading opportunities.

⋅ It’s decision making process uses the best programming practices.


  • Works on any currency, stock or CFD pair
  • Supports all brokers including ECN
  • NO false promises
  • 4 trading modes
  • 30-day money back
  • 1 Year Free Updates

Full Lifetime License


1 Month Subscription

About The Bratislava Premium EA:

Tested for 8 years with a 96% accuracy rate

After several years of experience with the development of the Bratislava automated trading system, we were inspired by spectral analysis, which normally occurs in very different fields than trading on the currency markets. In physics, astrophysics, chemistry and medicine, there are best practices that we have decided to apply to the practice of law in exchange and OTC transactions.

Business Tool Bratislava Premium Edition analyzes the full spectrum of opportunities for a great input into the trade and chooses only those which can be statistically predicted a high probability of a success.

With the business model using spectral analysis we came under considerable volatility, which is reflected in the market since 2013 and which is the result of political and economic instability. Volatility in the markets has always been, but the range in some currency pairs have been enormous in the last year. For this reason, we prefer the automated trading system that is safer than any other known to us on the market. EA Bratislava Premium Edition we programmed especially with regard to stability and security. We prefer long-term security before short-sighted and short-term earnings potential.

Automated trading system is able to trade on any client account with MetaTrader ranging in size from US $1.000 (brokers supporting nanolots) or $10.000 (brokers supporting microlots).

You can choose from agressive, normal, conservative and superconservative settings. After selecting the appropriate business strategies, the trading system analyzes the market choosing appropriate moments for opening and closing of orders.

The robot can find all the necessary settings alone optimized and evaluated on the basis of the current market behavior.

After starting the trading system, you can see how Bratislava Premium Edition opens a BUY or SELL position. Every transaction should meet strict rules of money management and risk management. For each individual order, "hedge" positions are opened which helps the overall smooth operation of automatic trading system without major fluctuations and capital needs.

The EA uses intelligent guidance both for opening and closing orders. No trade is precisely defined by technical analysis, but its location is intelligently tailored to current situations on the market!

The automated trading system can run on any currency pair, CFDs or commodity. A list of current suitable investment tools is in the manual and also updated on a weekly basis on the company's Twitter account.

Our technical support is always at your disposal with the consultation of your settings!

And how does Bratislava Premium Edition trade? See enclosed Youtube videos

***Disclaimer*** Due to recent changes in US trading rules this EA will NOT WORK with US Brokers. This EA requires Hedging which has been prohibited in the USA.

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